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Weapons factories are industry buildings in Tropico 4. Workers here use Iron to fashion firearms, bombs, and other weapons for export. Manufacturing most kinds of weapons will cause relations with the US and USSR to fall. Weapons are comparatively easy to produce and sell for a high price; typically only jewelry will sell for more.


  • Pressurized Storage Tanks: For $5,000, tanks to hold volatile liquids and gases can be installed, improving the quality of jobs here by 15%.
  • Restricted Access: For $7,000, a guard station can be attached to the factory to keep out foreign investigators and journalists, halving the relationship penalty caused by producing military-grade weapons.
  • Heavy Machinery: For $10,000 and 10 megawatts of power, the factory's machines can be modernized and powered with electricity, boosting production by 20%.

Work Modes

  • Assault Rifle: The factory specializes in military-grade rifles, lowering both US and USSR relations by 5 due to Tropico supplying foreign armies (mainly Middle Eastern ones) with cheaper firearms than they are.
  • Handguns: The factory specializes in smaller guns for civilian or law enforcement use. Handgun manufacturing doesn't lower any relations, but the precision required lowers production by 10%.
  • Landmines: The factory mass-produces landmines. Landmines are easy to produce, raising production by 10%. However, mine fields continue to threaten lives for decades, lowering US and USSR relations by 10%.

In Tropico 3, weapons factories can only produce military-grade weapons. However, who they sell the weapons to can be chosen.

  • Sell to Everyone: The factory sells its weapons on the general market. This reduces relations with the US and USSR by 5.
  • Sell to the US: The factory sells its weapons to the Americans. This improves US relations by 5 but reduces USSR relations by 10.
  • Sell to the USSR: The factory sells its weapons to the Soviets. This improves USSR relations by 5 but reduces US relations by 10.


Sunny Flowers: What does the new factory produce, Penultimo?

Penultimo: Sprockets. Huge demand for them in the US.

Sunny Flowers: Such a big, well guarded factory to produce... sprockets?

Penultimo: Also bulb-holders, paperweights, harmless stuff like that. Definitely not making weapons of any kind.

Sunny Flowers: Not making weapons of any kind, got it.

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