Watergate is a Timeline Event that can occur in 1973.

When the event happens, relations with the US will be reset due to the shock of the Watergate scandal.


"Watergate" is the popular name for an American political scandal where former government agents broke into the offices of president Richard Nixon's opposition party to record phone conversations and steal documents. Though he denied any involvement, Nixon quickly tried to cover up and block any investigation into the crimes. When a recording of Nixon planning the conspiracy was discovered, he resigned, allowing his vice president to succeed him and grant him a full pardon for his criminal involvement. The scandal rocked US politics and had a lasting impact on American culture.


Sunny Flowers: As the Watergate scandal leads more and more to the resignation of the US president, one question remains; Are all political leaders corrupt? What do you think Penultimo?

Penultimo: El Presidente is the only true and honest presidente in the whole world, all other presidente are crooks!

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