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Veronica Veneno is the spokeswoman of the Capitalists and Industrialists. She is a greedy businesswoman who enjoys exploiting other people, conflicts, and even the environment to make a huge profit, and hardly veils how little she thinks of El Presidente and everyone else. She first appears during the World Wars, offering business deals from both the Allies and Axis.


  • She is based on Veronica Lodge from the Archie Comics, putting her in stark contrast to Betty Boom from Absolute Power.
  • Her appearance, however, resembles not Veronica Lodge actress Camila Mendes, but Famke Janssen, as she appeared in 1995's James Bond movie "GoldenEye", which is set in the Cold War era. Janssen played sovjet soldier Xenia Onatopp. Onatopp, much as Veneno, enjoyed exploiting others for her own gain, not by capitalizing on them, but by killing them, as she only was able to achieve orgasm this way.
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