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This Is My Talk Page On The Tropico Wikia Since We're Back To Using Text Non Volatile Memory You'll Have To Go To My Wikia To Learn More About Me And My Version of Tropico Don't Ask Me To Be "Respectful" of Authority Because I'm Not It Is The Authority That Is The Problem On My Wikia You See When You Censor Everything On The Internet There's Not Gonna Exist Any Credible Information Anywhere On The Internet And That's Why Your Trying To Pass Net Neutrality Because It's Obvoius Now That You People Whoever You Are In Authority Don't Care About Fundamental Rights Do Not Respect Other People's Beliefs And You Want To "Delete" Christianity And Merge Islam With Christian Faiths And Have The Legal Right To Do So That's Why I'm Anti American Because That's What America Does People Like My Dad Fought Nations Like Yours In World War 2 And Let Me Tell You Something This Is My Talk Page And If You Don't Like What I Have To Say Go Fuck Yourself I Have The Offline Files Now It Is You Who Is Full of Crap If President Trump Is Smart He Will Vito Your Net Neutraility Crap And Ban The Internet In The United States Until We Can Get Some Credible Information About How These Computers Work How Can You Turn Off The American Military With The Push of A Button If Someone Did Not Tell A Big Lie About The Technology They We're Using At The Time

​If Homefront or Half Life Is Not Happening Then I Don't Know WTF Is Going On

WTF Is All This About Why Is It Getting Targeted By Spam DDOS Attacks And Evey Other Form of Computer Virus

Yes That's A Link Because This Is A Talk Page And I Wanna Know WTF These Computer Viruses Hitting That Wikia Are New The Wanna Cry Virus Was Only One of The Viruses Targeted That Specific Wikia What Is "ASMR" Why Is Everyone Trying To Delete It From The Internet

The Wrench 08:51, June 3, 2017 (UTC)


The Farseers Are Building An Army Because Far Cry 5 Is A BIG LIE And It's Misrepresenting America

​Two Americas = Free Market

The Regulations In America Are Insane And All of Them Never We're Voted On or Reintroduced On The Ballot So My Vote Is Just A Protest Vote To Show My Support For SyrianGirl In A Voting System Whose Ballots Have No Official Recognition Beyond Appeal To Emotion


The Wrench 21:33, June 15, 2017 (UTC)

​If Your Tropico Is Not Lawless Then Your Just Another Terrorist Group

Freedom Is What Builds Nations Not Laws What Good Are Laws If Their Being Used To Tear Down Your Nation And Destroy Your Way of Life Suppress Religion And Innovation And Justify Mass Murder of Innocent People



Yes I Believe The SyrianGirl Over My Own Country Because Sadly America Does Keep Secrets BIG Secrets That Affect Lives Everywhere Does Syria Have An Air Force Does Any Other Country Have An Air Force Is Their Any Other Credible Source Other Then America Because "Child Fighter Pilots" Is What SyrianGirl Accused The US Air Force of Recruiting And Do To All The Secret Government Programs That Are Commonplace In America It's Not Hard For Me To Believe And I Take It Very Seriously Because I Would Not Put It Past The American Government To Do Such A Thing

The Wrench 12:28, June 21, 2017 (UTC)

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