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«Soy el Presidente...»

~ Madd Dudde.

I am El Presidente.

I'm Latin-American. I really like Simulation and Strategy games, I love 'em. That's why I started playing Trópico "Pirate Cove". It was awesome, really awesome. When I saw: "Trópico 3... Coming out on PC, September 2009": I told myself: "Let's see the trailer...". I thought it was for the modern era. But, it wasn't, it was the Cold War. What made it even better ! I got the demo of the game, and it was awesome. But I didn't understand lots of things of the game. Like: "For what are factions ?". So, I found the Wiki. This is teaching me how to do a lot of things on the gameplay. Now, I'm teaching you my knowledge about Trópico in the Wiki.
Any question ? Sure ?
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