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Social policies work for the population to improve their standards of living. They don't normally have negative consequences but will cost money over time.



"Significantly increases Crime activity due to illegal liquor distribution. Close pubs, nightclubs and rum distilleries. Increases production and the respect of the religious faction."
"A sober worker is an efficient worker, my Presidente! A national ban of the production and sales of Alcohol will raise the productivity of all workers and slightly increase the respect of the Religious faction. We will have to shut down all pubs, nightclubs and run distilleries for the duration of the edict. We estimate the crime will increase significantly for the duration of the edict."

  • Cost: $500
  • Effects:
    • Shuts down Pubs, Night Clubs, and Rum Distilleries, firing all employees.
    • Increases crime rate by a percentage(~10%); no crime from building = no effect.
    • Increases productivity of all citizens(+5%).
    • Increases the relations of the Religious faction(+10).

Literacy Program

"All workers and students gain experience 30% faster. May be cancelled at any time."

  • Cost: $500 (+ [2*population] annual fee)
  • Effects:
    • Everyone gains experience/skill at their current 'job' 30% faster; if 4 without then 5 with(4*1.3 = 5.2 round down). Experiance/skill increases are assessed upon completing a 'work-shift' at their place of employment/education facility.

Contraception Ban

"Increases the standing with the religious faction. Boosts population growth. Decreases the respect of the intellectuals."
"As it is written in the good book: "Be fruitful and increase in number"! By banning contraceptives we would encourage Tropican families to raise more children, as God and nature intended. This will slightly increase our standing with the Religious faction, but the Intellectuals are bound to oppose it strongly."

  • Requires: A Church to be built and Religious respect of 40+. First Church built is +30 to Religious respect.
  • Cost: $500
  • Effects:
    • Increases the relations of the Religious faction(+20).
    • Increases population growth, females are more likely to become pregnant. Mothers contribute nothing to the island's economy and are burdensome, whether employed or fired(lost wages=downsized lifestyle for the entire family).
    • Decreases the relations of the Intellectuals faction(-30).

Anti-Litter Ordnance

"Reduces pollution by residences and decreases liberty."
"This ordnance will help in preserving the lush Tropican environment unspoiled, but will somewhat limit the liberty of our citizens. The pollution created by our residents will be cut in half, but this has no effect on industrial pollution."

  • Cost: $500
  • Effects:
    • Decreases pollution generated from residences by ~50%, doing nothing for existing pollution. Barring Shacks most residences are low polluters, but Garbage Dumps may seem a bit better around housing neighborhoods.
    • Decreases liberty, abate it is unlikely to be noticeable over the normal fluctuations. In totality, if you got the cash then use this early, but don't expect anything noticeable even over several years.

Sensitivity Training

"Police and Military buildings have a lesser negative impact on liberty"
"Sensitivity training 101: Never hit the civilians on places where it would leave a visible mark. By teaching our policemen and soldiers valuable sensitivity lessons such as this one, we will reduce the negative effect they usually have on people's liberty. This edict requires annual upkeep of $50 per soldier, policemen, or general and can be cancelled at any time."

  • Requires: a College be built.
  • Cost: $500 (yearly fee = $50 per policeman, soldier and general)
  • Effects:
    • Decreases impact of Oppression caused by Palace, Police Stations, Guard Stations, Armories and Army Bases (~50%?). A very noticeable and immediate impact on the overlay, expect about +10 Overall Liberty a year after enacted or -10 a year after Cancelled; dependent on liberty boosting facility coverage.

Food for the People

"Increases the food quality. Doubles food consumption. Can be cancelled at any time"
"Two full meals every day - even the most gluttonous of our citizens will be satisfied with these double rations. This edict will greatly improve the Food happiness of our population, but the food consumption will be doubled, so you'd better be sure that Tropico has enough food when you issue it."

  • Cost: $500
  • Effects:
    • Increases food quality by one variety(2varieties/level[low/medium/high]); which is about +10 to overall Food Quality after 1 year, provided skipped meals are minimal and no starvation.
    • Doubles food consumption. A higher variety of real food is recommended rather than using this; which has the potential of causing 'Skipped Meals' and worst 'Starvation', when food gets into a shortage situation.

Social Security

"Pay 2/3 of the average wage to retirees and students. Increases the respect of everyone"
"No more our students and elder citizens will be forced to live in shacks because they have no income! Two thirds of the average wage will be paid every month to each student or retired citizen in Tropico. This edict will slightly increase the respect of everyone and can be cancelled at any time."

  • Cost: $500 (+$3/month per wage recipient)
    • Budget is also impacted with more funds being drained to pay the wages.
  • Effects:
    • Pays 2/3 of the average wage to Children(including toddlers), Retirees, Students and Unemployed(including Mothers). Permits these groups to use vehicles(if an adult), rent housing and use Entertainment within their family budget. The standard of living for families is greatly impacted.
    • Lowers the incentives to become employed at low wage jobs, particularly noticeable if medium/high economic wage scale is targeted.
    • Increases Respect of all citizens, slightly(<5%@75) over time. Other happiness factors may be slightly impacted, also.
    • The unemployed are more likely to partner(speculation). Females may increase the chance of becoming pregnant(speculation with trend analysis of with/out edict enabled).

(confirmation needed)[Note: much to debate for a consensus]

Same Sex Marriages

"People are allowed to marry spouses of the same gender.Increases the respect of the Intellectuals, but decreases the respect of the Religious."
"Presidente, I recently learned that gay people are not allowed to marry in our country. I looked up the word in a dictionary and found out that it means 'cheery'. We should certainly allow these cheery people to marry from now on. For some strange reason the Religious faction is against this measure, but the Intellectuals respect is bound to increase greatly."

  • Requires: Liberty of 70+.
  • Cost: $500
  • Effects:
    • Allows people of the same gender to marry (or live together), increasing housing efficiency.
    • Increases the respect of the Intellectuals faction(+30).
    • Decreases the respect of the Religious faction(-20).
    • Decreases natural population growth, slightly(speculation, as female couples can become pregnant).


"Secret Police counters subversive activities more efficiently."
"A monthly stipend of $100 will allow our Secret Agents to carefully monitor all communications and correspondence on the island, and thus discover various subversive activities and foreign agents quickly. Since some dissidents may oppose even these prudent measures, we will take care to keep them in secret."

  • Requires: Secret Police edict be active.
  • Cost: $100 monthly
  • Effects:
    • Decreases subversive activities and allows the Elimination of undesirables without being noticed(Special Action Arrange "Accident").

Bribe Faction Leaders


"A Banker will bribe the target. This will increase the respect of the target and its family."
"There is no fortress that can't be conquered by a llama loaded with gold! A special gift to all faction leaders will increase the respect of almost everyone on the island. Like other bribes, the effect is only temporary."

  • Requires: Bank
  • Cost: $7,000
  • Effects:
    • All Faction Leaders are tagged with a dollar sign, Bankers will eventually meet-up with them to pass the money, Faction Leader and their Family will then have their Respect maxed-out. While the Leader's respect is >90 the political modifier 'Faction Leader Happy' will be displayed. The Edict self-expires after 3 years or canceled earlier. The Special Action 'Bribe' Icon of those effected will display a brown checkmark while active.