Tropico Wiki

Note (03/25/11): It's likely I won't be updating this Wiki any longer on a regular basis. I will continue to monitor recent updates but this will likely be the extent of my efforts here.

I had purchased Tropico 3 during a Steam sale late last year. While playing I searched for information on a wikia -- I found this site but not the information I needed. Since then I've made a few skeletal pages that need to be expanded, ultimately I've tried to add as much basic knowledge as possible. Once I have the framework in place I'd like to go back and add details to each topic.

I adopted the wikia in early January although I recently got sidetracked by GT5. I should hopefully be back into the game and making contribs soon, if not I'm always watching the recent updates in my RSS feed. If you need any assistance please leave me a note on my Talk Page.

If you find that some information I've added has helped you please let me know. I'd like to know my efforts aren't in vain.


This is a list of things I'm working on, it is by no means comprehensive and covers only Tropico 3.

  • Complete the remaining building pages
    • Housing
    • Accommodations
    • Attractions
    • Infrastructure
    • Government
    • Human Services
    • Landmarks & Beauty
  • Complete adding more details to each building, such as "required for edict x"
  • Complete the Missions page
  • Make everything easy to find
    • Complete the Portal:Tropico 3 page
      • Include a "Selected Articles section"
    • Create Nav bar
      • Use the T3Navbar template in more articles
      • Stylize it better.
    • Complete categorizing pages


  • Add demands of Factions
  • Complete the Jobs page
    • Convert the information into a table for readability
  • Complete entering the Edict information
  • Complete the description of Ratings as well as how to improve them
  • Update each building's page with the actual Job name