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For generic mission description, See Missions_(Tropico_3)#Reforms.
Not all choices where explored; missing messages possible. Conditional messages listed may not be your experience. Worker Strikes, a rebel attack and Hurricane disaster messages not listed may possibly be scripted. While Free Election edict is enabled in 1966, the election in 1982 or 83 cant be avoided; best not to bother with the edict unless you want to smooth over US relations.

Messages 1950-51
T3-Re50-1.jpg T3-Re50-2.jpg
If NO is selected, US relation will be impacted(-30).
Messages 1951-54
T3-Re51-10.jpg T3-Re52-6.jpg
T3-Re53-2.jpg T3-Re54-5.jpg
Messages 1955-59
T3-Re55-3.jpg T3-Re56-9.jpg
T3-Re56-12.jpg T3-Re59-1.jpg
Messages 1962-66
T3-Re62-7.jpg T3-Re64-7.jpg
T3-Re66-5.jpg T3-Re66-8.jpg
Messages 1967-70
T3Ref67-12.jpg T3Ref68-11.jpg
T3Ref69-6.jpg T3Ref70-4.jpg
Messages 1972-81
T3-Ref72-11.jpg T3-Ref74-12.jpg
T3-Ref78-8.jpg T3-Ref81-3.jpg