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Ultimatums are given by a political factions that have a low political standing with you. They are like a regular demand, but with a few differences, notably; if they are not completed, the political faction that issued the ultimatum will give a negative affect, that usually last a year.

Ultimatums are also timed, and if the time limit runs out, the ultimatum fails.

Ultimatums have two ways of completion, which are completing the set goal in the set time, or using the “Stage A Distraction” purchased from The Broker, which dodges the goal.



Effect - Financial Crisis halves the export prices, increases all costs by double, and halves The Broker’s conversions rates.

Ultimatum introduction - "You know, we're almost like brothers, Presidente - but have you seen brothers fight...? It doesn't have to be this way, though - we both share a deep and abiding love of money! But if you keep listening to all these people with their morals and ethics and bleeding hearts..."

Ultimatum Failure - "It's no good, Pres - the smart money has had enough of your wonky politics, and we don't take disappointment lying down! You think the last financial crisis was a disaster? Everything in capitalist world happens by design. We call ourselves the Invisible Hand for a reason, and we're very well connected. We can raise material costs or lower export prices - Heck, we can even halve the size of your morning coffee - that's right, we own the baristas now!"


Effect - Strike: Workers will go on strike for one year. Employees of fire stations and military buildings are unaffected.


Effect - Recall Elections: Early elections are automatically enforced, and Conservative supporters lower the personal experience of citizens they meet in buildings for one year.


Effect - Hacking Attack: Knowledge points and Swiss bank assets are reset to zero, and the Broker cannot be contacted for one year.