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Brunhilde Van Hoof, the UN representative.

The UN (United Nations) is an organization in Tropico 4.

While the UN currently doesn't play any regular role in the game, Tropico 4's campaign features a corrupt UN representative who works against the player.

Main Campaign

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The UN's actions are mostly seen through Brunhilde Van Hoof. However, when the US president is assassinated by a man claiming to be Juanito, a Tropican citizen sent by the presidente, Penultimo reports that the UN has begun proceedings to put the presidente on trial for the murder and has sent agents to arrest them, forcing the presidente to find a way to escape the island within 4 years.

When a lethal disease transmitted by dirty phone receivers becomes a worldwide epidemic in No One Left Behind, Tropico - which has become a haven for disenfranchised people such as telephone hygienists - can hire 15 professors to research a cure. With their experience, the telephone hygienists are able to combat the disease, prompting the UN to grant them a large sum of money ($300,000 of which they secretly give to the presidente).

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