Please read the rules before joining the IRC channel.

  • Obey the ops, whether or not they're low or high level ops, you must respect them! If you do not, you will be warned. If you continue, you will be kicked and/or banned from the channel.
  • Respect other users in the channel.
  • Do not discuss or start conversations about controversial subjects, such as religion, politics, etc.
  • Do not spam the channel, as this causes lag and annoys everyone.
  • No swearing or profanity of any kind, including slang.
  • Please stay on topic on the Tropico game, and how to improve articles on the wiki, etc.
  • If you have any question/concern/complaint, please feel free to report it to the op on the channel at time.

How to joinEdit

  1. (Firefox) Chatzilla: Type "Join #freenode", then type "/join #wikia-tropico".
  2. Click on "Wikia IRC Channel" to the left in the main navigation menu, type in your username, and make sure to select #wikia-tropico.