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Tropicans are citizens of the beautiful island cities in Tropico. They are your workforce and, sometimes, your raison d'etre; your job being to make them happy. Each Tropican is very complex, having basic physical and emotional needs as well as political views.

"Over the years a homeless immigrant may find a job as a teamster, fall in love, get married, go to university in hope of qualifying for a better job, move in a luxurious home, become a leader of a political faction, and finally die of malaria because of the poor healthcare on the island". Tropico's 3 manual.


Selecting a Tropican will allow you to view a plethora of information about them.


This page will show you information about where the Tropican was born, their age, what they do for a living, how large their family is and how much food they have for them. It will also show what their basic needs are, these are as follows:


A measure of how hungry the Tropican is, when this gets low he or she will eat a household meal if possible. Otherwise they will head to a Food Farm, Fisherman's Wharf or Marketplace to grab a meal. If needed, the Humanitarian Aid edict may be issued for 3 years, when food production isn't providing the amount of food needed. If food production is plentiful, Food for the People edict may be issued to raise Food Quality, but at a cost of a higher rate of food consumption.


How tired the individual is, the citizen will eventually go home to sleep when this bar gets low enough.


A measure of the last time the citizen has prayed at a Church or Cathedral.


When this metric gets low the citizen will head to an Entertainment venue.


This is a measurement of how healthy the Tropican is, they will seek out a Clinic or Hospital when this gets low.

  • Setting healthcare buildings to Preventative Medicine will slow the speed at which this goes down.


See Happiness Ratings

Happiness is how good a Tropican views their life.


Tropicans are very interested in politics and as such they usually belong to at least one Faction. This page will provide information on which Faction they are members of and how avid of a supporter they are.

From this page you can also find who the individual will vote for in the next election as well as performing a political action on them (assassinate, arrest, bribe).

Job and House

This page will provide information on what job the Tropican currently does, how much they get paid, and what their salary is compared to the Caribbean islands.

You can also find information on where they live and how high the rent and quality of their housing is.


It will show you this citizen's parents, and if this citizen has children, it will show you them.


A list of jobs the Tropican has preformed, showing the relative amount of skill in each.


A listing of activities the Tropican has been doing with some humorist commentary, which can clue in the player as to what sort of things may need their attention, or not.