The Treasury is a game play feature in the Tropico series. It is where all of the money for the nation goes. Money that goes here can be used for issuing edicts, constructing buildings, and a few other things. Even though its for the nation, more corrupt Presidentes can use ways to take money directly out of the Treasury and into their Swiss Bank Account.

Money in the treasury becomes unavailable for use when it falls below a certain (negative) balance. Edicts cannot be issued, foreign workers cannot be hired, and many game functions are temporarily disabled. The treasury is visible in the lower right hand corner, along with citizen happiness, population, the current in-game date, and the Swiss Bank Account balance.

Gaining Money

  • Exported goods.
  • Rent Money.
  • Taxes.
  • Entertainment.
  • Tourism.
  • Paid food.
  • Paid Healthcare.


Tropico 1, 3-5

The Treasury holds the Tropican Dollar as Currency. All foreign aid comes in the form of a dollar.

Tropico 2

In Tropico 2, the Treasury doesn't hold any type of dollar. Instead, it holds gold and lumber; items worth value during the time the game takes place.

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