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For articles of the same name in other Tropico games, see Trait.

Traits are attributes that both pirates and captives can have in Tropico 2. Traits are ranked on a 1-9 scale and, with the exception of notoriety, do not increase with experience in the way skills do.

Courage and leadership are traits shared by all members of the population, while notoriety is limited to pirates only. While only captains have a visible loyalty stat (on their Cyclopedia page), it is not known if regular pirates also have this trait, or if it can be changed during gameplay.


  • Courage - used to determine the likelihood to revolt or attempt to flee the island (in case of captives) when disgruntled. It also determines the likelihood of not fleeing in combat and to a lesser extent, fighting ability.
  • Leadership -
  • Notoriety -
  • Loyalty - used in the mutiny vote-counting algorithm for ships.

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