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Tourists are visitors from other countries who visit your island on vacation. There are different classes of tourists and each one has preferences of how they'd like to spend their time and cash. Much like Tropicans they will rate their experiences on the island.


The Tourism industry is a major source of income if the island has enough natural beauty. Before they can be brought on the island you will need both a Tourist Dock and at least one accommodation. Tourism can be a large investment as it requires a lot of attractions to ensure Tourists are kept happy. Note that Tourists can use Entertainment buildings as well but will use up services your citizens would otherwise enjoy.


  • Slob(<$30) - Low Spending Money; Low Standards and Expectations; Bulk Tourist for early and undeveloped tourism Industry. Satisfied with accommodations and venues Wealth Tagged as 'Poor'.
  • Spring Break(<$35) - Students that love fun and shows. They haven't got a lot of money.
  • Eco(<$40) - Fair Spending Money; Enviromentalist Expectations; Nature Loving.
  • Wealthy(>$15) - Highest Spending money; very picky wanting high-class accommodations and venues Wealth Tagged as 'Rich'.


Tourists that visit the island will rate their trip, they provide feedback with 4 ratings (and an Overall):

  • Accommodations
  • Attractions
  • Crime Safety
  • Environment

See Tourism Ratings for more information.


A tourists' preferences are the attractions they would most prefer to visit. Each one has a weight which determines how much they would enjoy visiting a building that meets the preference. This can can be found by clicking the tourist and viewing the Attractions tab. If a building that meets the preference is not available the tourist may visit another one, but it will not satisfy them as well. Below are the preferences and the buildings that will satisfy them.


Any tourist who enjoys relaxing instead of activity.


Sightseeing tourists are the easiest to please due to the amount of attractions they'll visit. They will love to take in the natural beauty of your island.


Tourists who like spending money on souvenirs will enjoy buildings where they can shop.


Enjoying a swim in the pool or watching athletes perform is important for tourists who enjoy sports.


Any tourist who needs to visit a bank.

Eating Out

These tourists will enjoy visiting restaurants.


Finding a place to get alcohol is important to these tourists.


Tourists who like to gamble.


Tourists who like to visit a Cabaret show.