Timeline events are historical events that affect gameplay in Modern Times (Tropico 4). They can be viewed up to 10 years in advance by looking at the timeline.

The specific events that happen are randomly generated; in some games, a certain event may occur on one year while in another game a different event will happen on the same date.

Since timeline events don't occur "randomly," they can't be disabled by running a sandbox game with no random events.

List of Timeline Events

Event Event Event
Aerospace Industry Boom Falkland War Panama Canal Treaty
Alcohol Import Tax Fall Of The Berlin Wall Panama disease on Bananas
Allende Wins Elections FARC In Action! Perestroika
Alliance for Progress Financial Crisis Pinochet Ousts Allende
Automotive Industry Boom Flower Power Scientists prove that Salt is hazardous to health
Automotive Industry Crash Global Energy Crisis Scientists prove that Salt is healthy
Ban On Tobacco Advertising Gulf War Space Station MIR
Bird Flu Scare Hugo Chavez Rises To Power Student Protests
Castro Survives Yet Another Assassination Attempt Hyperinflation in Latin America The Argentinean Junta Drives Out Criminals
Che Guevara Exports Revolutions Internet The US Bombs Libya
Chernobyl Disaster Korean War Tiananmen Square Protests
Civil Rights Movement La Violencia! Tropican Goat Cheese increases life expectancy
Columbian Crime Wars Latin American Construction Boom Tropican Jewelry Becomes A Fashion Hit
Cuba Goes Red Latin American Debt Crisis US Endangered Species Act
Cuban Missile Crisis Mad Cow Scare USSR Bogged Down in Afghanistan
Cuban Soldiers in Africa Marques Wins the Nobel Prize in Literature USSR-China Split
Death of Francisco Franco "More Famous Than Jesus" Vietnam War Unrest
Economic Assistance Oil Market Crash Watergate
Economic Crisis in Asia Ortega Comes To Power in Nicaragua Zapatista Movement
El Toucan Abducted Again Our Lady of Tropico
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