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The Shadow is a character in Tropico 4's Modern Times expansion, serving as a secondary antagonist.

Tropico 4

Modern Times Campaign

The Shadow makes his first "appearance" when the presidente is researching the seismic and volcanic activity of Piedra Island in The Shakes. He advises the presidente against continuing the research and to focus simply on running Tropico. He promises to leave with a "warning," just before a series of earthquakes hit the island. When the warning goes unheeded, the Shadow hijacks a message to the presidente, claiming to be part of "the Conclave," a secret organization that the presidente's research has upset. The message ends with another series of earthquakes. When an unexplained earthquake hits Russia, Dr. Steinschneider theorizes that the Conclave is trying to provoke the US and USSR into starting World War 3. Searching through the Conclave's destroyed base on Piedra Island turns up evidence that the doctor is right.

In Countdown to Oblivion, the Shadow is captured by a trio of Tropican agents and kept in a psychiatric sanatorium. Nothing seems to make him crack until Dr. Steinschneider develops and administers a truth serum, causing the Shadow to accidentally let slip that the Conclave was trying to manipulate General Igor Fedorov into causing World War 3. Having let the secret out, he says that the Conclave will now want him, the general, and the presidente killed in order to maintain secrecy.


In the DLC mission, The Superhero, the Shadow's portrait is used to represent ULTIMO, the mission's main antagonist.


  • The Shadow and the Conclave are most likely inspired by New World Order conspiracy theories, especially the Illuminati theory. It is also a reference to the popular RPG series Fallout's Enclave faction.
  1. After The Shadow talks about the Conclave's intrigue, he's probably killed for his betrayal
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