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Lord Oaksworth, the Crown representative.

The Crown is a foreign power in Tropico 5.

It is a European monarchy that serves as a great power during the Colonial Era. Tropico is one of its holdings, and due to it being a colony it has to do the bidding of its metropoli, lest it face punishment, like an export price reduction, mandate reduction, or an Intervention.

This power is the one responsible for appointing El Presidente's dynasty to rule Tropico, and thus give him a number of years of mandate to govern. During this time it gives tasks for the governor to do, that upon completion give him the chance to extend his mandate until the colony is ready to proclaim independence.

If Tropico tries to gain independence the Metropole will react negatively, giving them the option of buying their freedom (sinking the country in sovereign debt) or facing occupation through an invading force of Royal Colonial Infantry

The Crown's quests

  • The Giant Bonfire: His Majesty is fond to setting things on fire, so he wants to build the world's biggest bonfire. This plan requires the Governor to produce and export logs. The King enjoys his bonfire so much he decides to make an even bigger one, requiring the Governor to export a lot of planks. The event ends on tragedy when the King dies while igniting his bonfire.
  • The Underwater Palace: The King wants to build an underwater palace, for the whole project he needs lots of money, so he instructs his colonies to begin "growing money". This requires the Governor to produce and export lots of valuable plantation goods. Eventually the King realizes the sea is full of strange and bizarre things and desires not to mingle with them, so he stops the construction permanently.
  • The Conquest of the North and South Pole: The lack of undergarments has halted the Crown's military campaign to conquer both poles, so it orders the colonies to supply raw materials for manufacturing said underwear. This requires the Governor to produce and export wool and cotton. The Metropoli gets so caught up on the issue of undergarment supply it forgets about ammunition, failing its campaign. Without the Poles the Empire loses its strategic reserves of ice for ice cream production.
  • The Food Giveaway: The Crown wants to supply lots of food to their enemies, so they become fat and lazy, and become easy to conquer. This plan requires the Governor to produce and export obscene and diverse quantities of food to the Metropoli. The strategy obviously backfires, but the end result is the King being the most beloved man in Europe.
  • FruitCare: In an effort to improve the health of the population, His Majesty decrees everyone must eat one fruit per day, and for this plan to work he needs the colonies to supply the needed resources. For this the Governor is required to produce and export fruits. The plan seems not to work, so the Crown intends to keep throwing more fruit at it to make it work. In the end fruits are expensive and not very effective at treating illness, so the plan is shut down.
  • The King of Cheese: The King craves for some cheese, but all the cheese shops in the empire are empty. The governor is commissioned to start producing cheese to satisfy the King's hunger, but first milk shortages due to a massive milk spill must be addressed to save the Afternoon Tea for all mankind. This requires the production and export of milk. With the milk crisis averted the cheese industry is successfully established, earning the Governor with the title of King of All Cheese. Later His Highness organizes a fondue party, where the most prominent nobles attend, and the King of All Cheese is required to supply the fondue's cheese (his invitation gets "lost in the mail"). The party is a huge success, worthy of being written in the history books.


  • The Crown has characteristics of both the Spanish and British Empire. On one hand, there is the Spanish cultural heritage, the mixed Spanish-moorish architecture of the Palace and the accents of both the small folk and the Dynastic Family, and on the other hand, there's Lord Oaksworth, the use of 'His Majesty', and the red Royal Colonial Infantry.
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