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The Broker is a character in Tropico 6, who is introduced in the World War Era. He is the representative of the Swiss Bank, an illegal bank account that El Presidente has, and will grant opportunities to obtain Swiss Bank Dollars, a currency, which he will also offer favours, in cost of Swiss Bank Dollars.


A list of favours The Broker can offer in exchange for Swiss Bank Dollars”

  • Can offer a blueprint not unlocked by the player.
  • Can offer an edict not unlocked by the player.
  • Can unlock a Work Mode for a building, not unlocked by the Player.
  • Can “Stimulate Trade” which generates a new trade route.
  • Can “Inverse Lobby” which increases the standing with a political faction by a set number, around 5-10.
  • Can give “Not A Bribe” which increases the standing of a superpower by around 5-10.
  • Can do “Image Campaign” which increases the approval rate of all Tropicans.
  • Can give a “Convincing Talk” which will give the option on all demands to successfully complete the demand without needing to complete the demand itself.
  • Can “Stage a Distraction” that will gives the option on ultimatums, to complete a factions demand successfully without needing to do the demand itself.
  • Can “Amend Constitution” which will allow you to rescind the constitution, regardless of if you have been recently re-elected.


  • In mission “Superpower Defense” The Broker is a major part in the story, revolving around him convincing El Presidente to cause conflicts so he can sell more weapons.
  • At the start of “Superpower Defense” Mason Belmonte, the representative of The Capitalists, claims that he and The Broker “go a long way back”.