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The Axis is a foreign power in Tropico 5.

The Axis is an alliance of central European and east Asian nations during the World Wars.

Their war with the Allies is the most notable characteristic of the era.

In the event that the Allies invade Tropico and it has an alliance with this superpower, it will reinforce the country with two Tank Squads.


  • Voting Rights: Male Citizens Vote
  • Religion and State: Secular State
  • Armed Forces: Professional Army
  • Political Rights: Police State
  • Labor Policy: Happy Childhood
  • Citizenship: Guarded Heaven


  • Voting Rights: All Citizens Vote
  • Religion and State: Atheist State
  • Armed Forces: Conscription
  • Political Rights: Democracy
  • Labor Policy: Work For All
  • Citizenship: Immigrants Nation


Despite the player's efforts, there is no event that can allow the Axis to win the World Wars. However, there is no major reprecussions for taking their side, besides angering the Allies.

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