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For buildings of the same name in other Tropico games, see Tenement.

Tenements are residential buildings in Tropico 5. Tenements house the largest number of people possible and their low cost makes them efficient for dealing with overpopulation and shacks. Unfortunately, they will gradually devolve into slums; their housing quality drops as time goes on.


  • Tight Quarters: Allows 4 additional families to squeeze into the building by making the rooms much smaller, further decreasing the building's housing quality.


  • Electrification- For $2,500 the Tenement can be supplied with electricity, allowing families to install lighting, starts consuming 30 MW of power.
  • Modernize- For $4,800 the Tenement can be upgraded to a regular Apartment.
  • Modernize All- For $4,800 (per Tenement) all the tenements on the island will be upgraded into Apartments.



  • Menu Text: Provides housing for 12 families. Housing Quality drops over time.
  • Description: Tenements are the best places to live! Just like lemmings are best at finding safe migration routes and angry crowds are best at making rational, calculated decisions. Ah, who am I kidding? Tenements are the cheapest way to house as many people as possible in a limited space and that's that.
  • Age deterioration: -20 over 50 years.
  • Base Housing Quality: 40
  • Standing Component: Communists + 2
  • Tight Quarters Upgrade Housing Quality: -10
  • Crime: +7
  • Pollution: Radius 10 tiles


  • The Tenement is based on a famous street in Old Havana.
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