[[{{{1}}} (Tropico {{{2}}})]]


Creates a link for the first variable and directed to its appropriately numbered Tropico page and gives the link display text from variable 3 if it exists.


{{TT|Article|Game Number|Display|Anchor}}


Usage example 1 (Default, no need for a piped link):

Results in: Edicts (Tropico 3)

Usage example 2 (Use a value of "1" for third argument to just display article name):
Results in: [[Edicts (Tropico 3)Edicts]] Usage example 3 (Use any other value for third argument to display custom):
Results in: [[Shack (Tropico 4)Eyesore]]

Rationale for use

Although this should make for more efficient editing it also has a larger effect on cutting down on page size than either normal use or the "T3" template, and can be used by all games in series:

 [[Shanty (Tropico 3)]]        = 22 chars
 {{TT|Shanty|3}}               = 15 chars

 [[Shanty (Tropico 5)|Shanty]] = 29 chars
 {{TT|Shanty|3|1}}             = 17 chars
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