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Using both footnote-style and bibliography-style references
== Content ==
Lorem ipsum.<ref>Source name, access date, etc.</ref>

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.<ref>Source name, access date, etc.</ref>

Lorem ipsum.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

== References ==

Grouped references

As of June 2008, the footnotes system supports the separation of references into groups. This allows groups for explanatory notes, table references and the like. See Wikipedia:Footnotes#Separating reference lists and explanatory notes.

The general format for the reference tag would be:

dog jump over moon<ref group="groupname" name="text"/>

== Footnotes ==
<references group="groupname">
<ref name="text">the moon was a model and the dog was a trained performer</ref>

Where "groupname" would be a group identifier such as "note", "fn" or "label" and "text" may be any text-value; keep "groupname" short in char-count and "name" as descriptive as possible limiting char-count. Multiple groups can be used on a page by using different "groupnames".

List-defined references

There may be error messages associated with this, documented at Help:Cite errors. As usual, groups can be used. Defined references must be used within the body; unused references will show an error message.


This is reference 1.<ref name="refname1" group="groupname"/>
This is reference 2.<ref name="refname2" group="groupname"/>
This is reference 3.<ref name="refname3" group="groupname"/>

<ref name="refname1" group="groupname">content1</ref>
<ref name="refname2" group="groupname">content2</ref>
<ref name="refname3" group="groupname">content3</ref>


This is reference 1.[groupname 1] This is reference 2.[groupname 2] This is reference 3.[groupname 3]

  1. content1
  2. content2
  3. content3

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