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Facilitates the transportation of resources around the island.


Teamsters are everyday super-heroes. Without their aid the whole economy on the island will stop to a grinding halt and the society will crumble into a Dark Age of terror, chaos and violence. The greatest enemy of the teamsters is the siesta, but they constantly strive to overcome it and continue their endless vigil.


  • Standing Component - none.
  • Pollution - none.
  • Crime - 10 over 10 tiles.

Game mechanics

According to the developers, an average of 1 Teamsters Office (100% effectiveness) is needed for every 100 people[1]. It also depends on how you structure your economy. If you're doing raw resources, you need less. You need more if you're focusing on production.

Teamsters split and transport goods depending on how many buildings exist of the destination's type. So if you have a single (1000 supply) Marketplace then they'll transport food in chunks of 500 food (100% effectiveness) from the dock, which is quick and awesome, 2 trips to fill a marketplace!

Example #1

Now it makes sense to do this splitting to share stuff around the island equally otherwise you'd have empty marketplaces, but unfortunately it kills efficiency extremely quickly.

I had something like 10 Marketplaces on my island I made, thinking that having lots of these Marketplaces would help with efficiency so people didn't have to travel very far to get food.

Unfortunately what it actually meant was that my Teamsters were transporting only 50 food per trip, which would get eaten up very quickly. So that by the time they'd transported the food there, they needed to go back and get some more. Causing an infinite casual loop of my Teamsters just trying to keep my population fed.

Since only the Marketplace building gives out food, you have to build as few as possible (i.e. no more than 6 or 7) since they cannot be diversified like industries.

Example #2

This means you HAVE to diversify your industries otherwise you'll start having problems with Teamsters just not transporting anything. I had 16 Jewellery workshops, so my Teamster Office's were transporting a whopping 31 gold per trip from Dock -> Jewellery Factory.

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