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Superpowers are essentially modern nations with devastating power at their disposal. These nations are best kept on their 'sweet' side to restrict probability of an attack from them.


The United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or US and USSR are the two basic superpowers. Sometimes one nation prefers your island (more money and support) and sometimes it is fairly even. It is best to keep both nations sweet but sometimes having bias favor is a bonus:

  • More financial aid from the particular nation.
  • Several Edicts considering foreign affairs such as US or USSR development plan
  • An army base can be built for one particular nation to prevent all invasions from the opposing nation.

Clearly there are many advantages of the two basic superpowers but the problem comes (Tropico 4) when more superpowers are introduced.

China, Europe and the Middle East (Tropico 4 Only)

These extra superpowers were introduced in Tropico 4, offering a whole range of new opportunities:

  • Private buildings rented by other nations can be constructed with the use of a stock market.
  • Several foreign superpower missions may pop up in (Tropico 4) with the game asking for money or for a certain product to be exported in a certain amount to them.

It is a good idea to fulfill these challenges if possible to minimize chances of foreign invasion from any other nation.


Certain actions along the course of the game can temporarily or permanently alter standings with certain superpowers. For example, issuing the Off to Florida! edict - which sends all prisoners on the island to Florida - permanently lowers US relations.