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The Supermax Prison is a Military building in Tropico 5 (Update 1.08). When built, it can give the "Arrest" Action to citizens and can house up to 15 prisoners.


  • Forced Labor: The prison uses the arrested people as a source of free labor, making the Prison provide money, depending on the number of prisoners (Usually, $100 per prisoner).
  • Punishment Chamber: Police Officers in the Prison will automatically track down and arrest Crime Lords and Rebel Leaders.

Arresting a Citizen

There are two ways a citizen can get arrested. These can also apply to the Dungeon.

  • Presidente Order- The Presidente can order anyone to Prison. Costs $1,000.
  • Auto Arrest: Officers will automatically arrest citizens. Require Punishment Chamber upgrade. Citizen must be Crime Lord or Rebel Leader. Takes longer to arrest.


  • The design of the Supermax Prison is based on the Panopticon style, consisting of a central "inspection house" from where several long halls originate to house inmates. The philosophy behind this design is that from the center a few guards could easily watch over many prisoners, without them knowing wether they were being watched or not, prompting them to behave at all times.

Pros and Cons


  • Provides money according to the number of citizens arrested (Forced Labor upgrade).
  • Houses 15 Prisoners.
  • Allows with dealing with Rebels and Crime Lords peacefully.


  • Large size can cause problems (on a tiny island).
  • Police officers need a High School education.
  • Unlocked in the Cold War Era. (This can be negated with the dungeon from the Espionage (T5 DP) DLC pack. However, the dungeon can only hold 5 prisoners)
  • Slow response time (Even slower if the Prison is being filled up).
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