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Sunny Flowers is the representative of the Environmentalists in Tropico 4 and Tropico 6.

Her appearance and manners are clearly modeled after hippies, though her behavior is more in line with modern 'eco-warriors.' She's very excited by any kind of natural disaster - especially tsunamis - which threatens civilization on the island. However, her conditioning to the hippie lifestyle is imperfect and some things (like the Shopping Mall and Golden Statue) will make her take a consumerist stance.

In Tropico 4, she and Penultimo are the two main radio hosts. Though she can be rather ditzy at times, she proves to be the more intelligent of the pair. Penultimo seems to have a crush on her, which is mostly rebuffed by her, though she occasionally acts more playful towards him.


Tropico 4

Main Campaign

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The first appearance of Sunny Flowers occurs in the Tropico Above All mission. After starting a campaign of breaking world records, Sunny Flowers notes that the fame could be a great way to make people think about the environment and suggests building a zoo to house tapirs - the "Most Interesting Animal."

In the Bickering Factions mission, Sunny presents her plan for the "green future" of the island, saying that "everyone except people who are not environmentalists and Reverend Esteban" agrees with the project. Esteban has his own plan to build "some statue of his friend who died millennia ago." If the presidente sides with her, she initially expresses disappointment in the decision, until she realizes that it was in her favor. Once she recovers, she asks for 3 garbage dumps and a horticulture station be built to help clean up the environment.

When the presidente takes control of the heavily corrupt Costa Laplata in Operation Endgame, Sunny begins making friends with the UN Inspectors that run the island. After a day at the beach with the Economic Inspector, she hears him mention that expanding farming on the island would lead to a less corrupt economy. Once he leaves the island, she becomes friends with the Interior Inspector who warns her that the island should build a weather station as a tornado is expected to touch down within 3 years.

When the presidente begins creating the perfect society in Tropican Utopia, Sunny Flowers urges them to remember the ecology of the island as well. If she feels people are appreciating the island's natural beauty enough, she'll reward the presidente with $10,000.

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Modern Times Campaign

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During The Truth is Out There, a hoard of llamas from ranches escape, devastating the agriculture on the island. Penultimo's solution to the problem involves building a SWAT HQ and allowing its members to cull off the llamas. Naturally, if this solution is accepted, it greatly upsets Sunny Flowers, who calls it a "genocide" and holds candlelight vigils with the other, equally angry environmentalists of the island. As it turns out, the Penultimo who suggests this course of action is actually a clone trying to disrupt life on the island. Despite his behavior, Sunny is against physically torturing the captured clone of her "dear Penultimo" and suggests using Penultimo's fear of heights against the clone by putting him in a balloon ride.

When Dr. Steinschneider begins contacting extremist groups to encourage worldwide paranoia in Keep Calm And Carry On, Sunny Flowers - speaking on behalf of public health protesters from the US - says that people should only ever eat healthy food, even if it means some people must starve. Going through with her plan naturally causes some level of panic.

If the presidente accuses Sunny Flowers of bombing the Tropican ministry in War on Terror, she'll agree that she wants less buildings but makes it clear that she's too peaceful to bomb any. The false accusation naturally upsets the environmentalists.

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Tropico 6

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