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Spitter is a social media app and a game mechanic introduced in the Tropico 6 DLC of the same name. Its primary purpose is interaction with the new Celebrities systems, but it also allows minor influence on faction relations. The mechanic is unlocked in Modern Times.


The following Tropico characters are on Spitter:

El Presidente

El Presidente (@El_Prez) can comment on posts made by Faction leaders and Celebrities, influencing their attitude towards him and Tropico


Penultimo (@Penultim8) provides flair text and trivia about happenings on tropico, most notably praising El Presidente after successful elections.

Faction Leaders

Faction leaders occasionally post their take on Tropico's life, notably after a representative of their faction is appointed to the Ministry. El Presidente can respond to those posts in negative or positive fashion, which either they or the opposite leader will respond to. Positive posts result in a +2 relationship boost with the poster's faction and a -1 penalty with the opposite one, and vice versa for the negative. There is no penalty for ignoring those posts.


  • Magnus Sterling (@BossMagnus)
  • Buck Bailey (@BuckyBoy)
  • Aiden Moray (@MorayBites)
  • Elon Gates (@ElonGates)
  • Brittany Trivialè (@BrittanyT)
  • Jesus Fuego (@RighteousFuego)

Celebrities, once they arrive on Tropico, also post their thoughts. El Presidente's response determines whether the celebrity gains or loses a star of Tropico Love. Not responding to the celebrity's post in time also decreases their Tropico Love level by one. Positive responses to a celebrity's post carry a penalty to one of Tropico's factions, while negative responses grant a bonus. The magnitude of both increases with the level of celebrity's Tropico Love, up to -8/+10 at 5 stars. In addition, either the celebrity or the affected faction's representative will reply to the comment with some flair text.

The celebrity's attitude initially starts at 2/5 stars, and 3/5 is required to offer them residence. If they become residents, the levels of Tropico Love also determine the efficiency of their occupations.