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Special Forces are a type of military squad in Tropico 5's Generalissimo DLC. They will replace the Commandos garrisoned in the Defense HQ, after upgrading the building in the Cold War Era.

The effectiveness of the Special Forces can be increased with the Military Drills and Right To Arms edicts.

By completing a unique quest, the Special Forces can train with either a Soviet Spetsnaz, US Green Beret, or a Dynasty member as their Drill Sergeant, in order to become one of the following specialized units:

  • Large scale riot control
  • Guerilla warfare
  • All-terrain mounted combat
  • Paratroopers

The Special Forces are the most powerful military squad in Tropico (Penultimo calls them "The Unthinkables").

Physical appearance

Members of the Special Forces wear uniforms identical to the Modern Infantry:

  • Tactical helmet (with googles)
  • Balaclava (black)
  • Urban camouflage uniform
  • Flak jacket (green)
  • Knee pads (green)
  • M16A2 assault rifle
  • Sidearm


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