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The Smuggler's Cove is a unique Infrastructure building in Tropico 2 that provides a way to sell excess goods outside the island. In order for it to function, you must open it to a nation; doing so will cause the nation to discover the location of your island. You also need at least one Skilled Trader in order to build this structure, though unskilled male captives can work there.


Item Base Sale Price
Cannons 100 gold
Muskets 025 gold
Cutlasses 020 gold
Rum 015 gold
Cigars 015 gold
Pastries 010 gold
Beer 005 gold

Items sold at the Smuggler's Cove each have a base price. This price is modified by the total skill of the Trader(s) and presence of an Overseer, as follows:

Note that means the greatest integer less than or equal to .

Total Skill is the sum of the skills of the individual Traders. If an Overseer is employed, the skill of each Trader is increased by 1.

Note that, while Skill is displayed onscreen as an integer, it can take on fractional values.

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