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Skills are attributes that both pirates and captives can have in Tropico 2. Skills are ranked on a 1-5 scale and can be increased by used. In addition, pirate skills can be increased by sending them to the various Education buildings available.

Pirate Skills

  • Swordsmanship -
  • Marksmanship -
  • Gunnery -
  • Seamanship -
  • Navigation -

Captive Skills

Skill Job(s) Buildings Effects
Hauling Hauler, Skeleton various Does not increase hauling speed, though Skeletons get more work done by never having to eat or sleep.
Carpentry Builder All Reduces the construction time of new buildings.
Carpenter Carpenter Reduces the production time of peg legs.
Farming Farmer Banana, Corn, Papaya, Sugarcane, Tobacco Farms
Mining Miner Iron Mine
Cooking Cook Chuck Tent, Bakery, Brewery, Cheap Eatery, Inn, Smuggler's Dive, Sea Ration Factory
Timber Cutting Lumberjack Timber Camp
Sawmill Reduces the time needed to transform raw Wood into Lumber.
Service Server Animal Pit, Casino, Cheap Eatery, Gambling Den, Inn, Smuggler's Dive, Tavern
Smith Crafting Blacksmith Blacksmithy, Blast Furnace
Companionship Wench Brothel & Salon, Wench & Masseuse
Succoring Priest Church Not currently known if skill affects service quality.
Negotiation Trader Black Market Reduces purchase price of goods.
Smuggler's Cove Raises the selling price of goods.
Courtesan Courtesan Courtesan & Spa
Hat Outfitting Hatter Hat Shop Reduces the production time of hats.
Bird Handling Bird Handler Parrot Aviary Reduces the training time of parrots.
Ship Construction Shipwright Boatyard, Shipyard Reduces the construction time of various ships.
Tobacconist Tobacconist Cigar Factory Reduces the production time of cigars.
Distilling Distiller Rum Distillery Reduces the production time of rum.
Engineering Engineer Cannon Foundry Reduces the production time of cannons.
Gunsmithing Gunsmith Gunsmithy Reduces the production time of muskets.

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