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Sheik Sallim is a character in Tropico 4, serving as the ambassador of the Middle East.

As can be imagined, he is a sheik. He's polygamous, apparently having a very large number of wives, and is extremely fond of camels and anyone who looks like one. He's also tremendously wealthy, saying that his wives found $30,000 just by cleaning the couch and calling it spare change.

Tropico 4

Main Campaign

In Crisis, Sheik Sallim approaches the presidente with an offer to buy weapons at a premium for "certain friends" of his that the UN has forbidden the sale of weapons to. Accepting his offer raises the export price of weapons but immediately drops the DEFCON by 2. Later, once Tropico has developed nuclear weapons, Sallim offers to wire $250,000 to the presidente's Swiss bank account if they build a nuclear program for him, though this again drops the DEFCON by 2.

In No One Left Behind, Sallim says that a group of Tropicans have found "an old dagger with a glass handle filled with sand," which he claims is an ancient Persian relic. Though he says collectors would pay $30,000 for the artifact, he asks that it be returned to the Middle East to preserve relations with the region.

Modern Times Campaign

If the presidente accuses Sheik Sallim of bombing the Tropican ministry in War on Terror (based on his baldness), he'll get very sad and say that he was at home with his wives when the bomb went off. The false accusation naturally devastates Tropican-Middle Eastern relations. If the presidente accuses him of being the bomber by claiming he wears earrings that he hides under his keffiyeh, he'll be furious and humiliated at perceived insult and will drop the price he's willing to pay for Tropico's oil products by 75%.


  • His appearance is based on Yasser Arafat, the late President of the Palestinian National Authority.
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