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Service Quality is a happiness factor in the Tropico series. It measures how comfortable, desirable and effective a commercial building is for people to eat, shop or entertain themselves with.


Service Quality determines how "happy" people with the service received are when visiting the building; higher is always better. The happier tropicans and tourists are, the more revenue you make.

  • Getting service quality as high as possible to maximize happiness and profitability is important.
  • Modern-era buildings, high wealth-requirement buildings, and buildings that need electricity usually have a higher service quality then other buildings (ex. a Hospital has a higher SQ then a Clinic)
  • Always replace low service quality buildings with buildings that have higher quality when they become available

Service Quality can be improved by increasing building effectiveness: aways activate Free Market edict, since budget is important for getting high quality.

Maximum Service Quality

Below are the most efficient methods to reach maximum Service Quality on buildings. Costs are based on Very High difficulty.

Maximum Service Quality - Entertainment Quality
  • Build a "commercial block" cluster with 3 TV stations, 2 Fashion Companies
  • Poor visitors: Opera + Threepenny Opera upgrade
  • Poor visitors: Restaurant 99 SQ (with 6 Food Types, Rum Distillery Nearby. Can reach 100 with Mardi Gras)
  • Well-off visitors: Stadium, Cabarets
  • Rich visitors: Hang Gliding Club + Powered Flight
Maximum Service Quality - Food Quality
  • Food are Bananas, Corn, Fish, Milk, Meat and Pineapple
    • Each type will increase the Service Quality by 5
  • Reachable with Grocery or Supermarket
    • Supermarket vs Grocery: less maintenance, more customers server per worker, 30 extra quality (10 compared to upgraded grocery)
    • 6 Food types will reach 100 quality on grocery with either Farmers Fair upgrade or Extra Rations
  • Note: You don't actually have to have the food - building a farm, ranch, or wharf and disabling production (do not need to be staffed) will increase food quality
Maximum Service Quality - Healthcare Quality
  • Build Hospitals; demolish clinics
  • Issue Immunization Campaign
  • Build 2 Pharmaceutical Companies with "Supply Local Market" Upgrade
Maximum Service Quality - Housing Quality
  • Use Mortgage Subsidies to lower the wealth requirement of houses by 1 level; setting budget to minimum also lowers wealth requirement by one level.
  • Building "housing blocks" surrounded by Food, Healthcare, Religion and Crime Safety buildings.
    • Religious buildings (do not need to be staffed) (+20 HQ), Metro Stations (+15 HQ), and beauty gives increases Quality
    • Mansions provide 100 SQ early on for Rich/Well-Off citizens, can provide 100SQ on poor level too (requires buildings though)
    • Apartments, Modern Apartments and Houses can all provide 100SQ with HQ boosters nearby
  • Apartments are cheaper then house, and have an upgrade path from Tenements, making them an optimal choice; they can also be used for "tight quarters" getting better space-effectiveness at the cost of service quality (can be offset by roads, churches, electrification or metro stations to reach 100 again)
Maximum Service Quality - Religion Quality
  • Build Cathedrals: 99 SQ at Budget 4; 100 at Budget 5