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Secret agents are college-educated men or women who work undercover from the disguised Secret Police HQ to prevent and resolve subversive activities on the island. They can also, for a fee, quietly assassinate anyone the presidente wishes. The higher a secret agent's skill is, the more likely they will succeed in resolving subversive activities.

Experience in being a secret agent, policeman, or SWAT member is required for people to become the Minister of the Interior. Note that, once appointed so, the secret agent changes to look like a policeman; this will change the sex of any female secret agents.

It's possible for a presidente to have been a secret agent before rising to power, boosting the experience rate and effectiveness of all secret agents on the island and raising their respect with the island's women (even if the presidente is a woman herself).

Secret agents disguise themselves as employees of the original building before it was converted to the Secret Police HQ (because of this, they must also be of the same gender as the original employees).