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For generic mission description, See Missions_(Tropico_3)#Divided_Loyalty.
Not all choices where explored; missing messages possible. Conditional messages listed may not be your experience. Mission scripting is skewed towards a discontent population; random events include protests, rebel activity, worker strikes and some bomb threats which continue past 1975 as long as there is a rebel left. If Radio or TV Stations are used, random takeovers can happen while there is a rebel; special choices for dealing with the issue vary somewhat depending on election cycle for instance. The assinination attempts are scripted but not all may be experianced depends on previous choices.

Messages 1950-53
T3-DL50-1.jpg T3-DL51-4.jpg
T3-DL52-10.jpg T3-DL53-5.jpg
Messages 1954-59
T3-DL54-6.jpg T3-DL56-4.jpg
T3-DL59-2.jpg T3-DL59-10.jpg
Messages 1962-66
T3-DL62-4.jpg T3-DL63-1.jpg
T3-DL64-5.jpg T3-DL66-7.jpg
Messages 1967-72
T3-DL67-9.jpg T3-DL68-10.jpg
T3-DL69-11.jpg T3-DL70-3.jpg