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SWAT members are high school-educated men who provide high-level degrees of law enforcement somewhere between ordinary policemen and soldiers. Like both jobs, the presence of SWAT members lowers liberty, though classes in sensitivity can help reduce this effect. Though they're usually meant to protect civilians, more corrupt presidentes can use them as "death squads" to kill criminals on sight or turn the island into a police state. SWAT members in death squads are always loyal defenders during coups.

SWAT members count as military units, meaning they and their immediate families are allowed to live in army bases and their numbers figure in to the size of the island's military.

Experience in being a SWAT member, policeman, or secret agent is required for men to become the Minister of the Interior.

SWAT members work primarily in SWAT HQs but also guard the presidency.


  • The guns that they use seem to be the H&K MP5.