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For buildings of the same name in other Tropico games, see Rum Distillery.

A Rum Distillery is an industrial building in Tropico 5. Workers here ferment sugar with yeast to produce rum, a sweet Caribbean spirit.

Enacting Prohibition will shut down all rum distilleries on Tropico.


Rum - the liquid currency of Tropico and the coffee of the enlightened man. Rum - the perfect remedy for all diseases. The only problems we have in the distillery come when a worker falls in the vats. The ungrateful sods will fight to the death rather than allow for someone to pull them out.


  • Dunder Still: For $5,000, the distillery can begin making use of its dunder, making it require 25% less sugar.
  • Electric Stills: For $5,000 and 150 megawatts of power, the distillery can be equipped with electric stills, increasing its effectiveness by 20.
  • Supply Local Market: For $5,000, the distillery can begin stocking the domestic market with its goods, increasing the effectiveness of taverns, restaurants, and night clubs by 10 (to a maximum of 20) in 19 tiles radius.


  • Inputs 600 Sugar per month from storage of capacity 6000 units.
  • Produces 600 Rum per month into storage of capacity of 6000 units.
  • Optimal 2 Sugar Plantations (each 300 production per month for 100% effectiveness).
  • Monthly Profit = (Rum Cost * Amount - Sugar Cost * Amount)/1000 = (2700 * 600 - 800 * 600)/1000 = $1140


  • Standing Component - capitalists +5, industrialists +5, environmentalists -10.
  • Pollution - none
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