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Reverend Esteban is the representative of the Religious faction in Tropico 4.

He is rather progressive when it comes to religious values, claiming that he personally doesn't care how Tropicans entertain themselves. However, being a Catholic priest, he still has to enforce the church's morals. Despite this, he's shown to be perpetually drunk and very fond of rum, calling Pubs "houses of worship" and claiming that he'll personally see to the 'destruction' of all the island's alcohol while Tropico is under Prohibition. If the religious faction gets anxious for a church, Reverend Esteban will tell the player "I tried to convince them our prayers could be heard just a well from the pub, but they are adamant we need a new church."

Reverend Esteban is mentioned in Tropico 5, where he apparently died from his alcoholism but was canonized for "drinking any and all alcoholic beverages, lest they tempt his flock to sin."

Tropico 4

Main Campaign

Once the island of St. Clara in the Rise to Power mission has farms for food, Reverend Esteban introduces himself and says that a devout group from the US has sent $10,000 in order to help build the island's first church and hire priests.

After Tropico starts a campaign of breaking world records in the Tropico Above All mission, Reverend Esteban notes that records lead to pride but, "that being said," suggests that Tropico attempt to break the "most rum drunk" record. His plan for accomplishing this record involves building a rum distillery next to a couple of churches.

In the Bickering Factions mission, Reverend Esteban (along with all "people who are not environmentalists") disagrees with Sunny Flowers's eco-project. Instead, Esteban asks that Christ the Savior be built so that he can win a bet over having the largest statue of Jesus in the Caribbean, saying that gambling is permissible in this case because it's for "theological reasons." If the presidente sides with Sunny instead, religious relations will plummet and Esteban will be forced to declare the presidente anathema, though he disagrees with it.

In Forgiveness, Esteban claims he had a vision where Tropicans who had recently died complained to God about the state of Tropican healthcare, prompting him to ask for improvements.

When the presidente begins creating the perfect society in Tropican Utopia, Reverend Esteban reports that the Vatican approves of them and their plans. He also says that, if the presidente's society is devout enough, they'll surely be canonized as a saint and awarded by the church.

Modern Times Campaign

When Dr. Steinschneider begins contacting extremist groups to encourage worldwide paranoia in Keep Calm And Carry On, Reverend Esteban will say that he has been contacted by the "Eastboro Church," a very controversial religious group. Though he doesn't believe God approves of them or their activities, he passes on the message that they would like a Diamond Cathedral built on the island so they can move to it and then want various members of the military branded heretics. Naturally, both the presence and activities of the group will cause further disruptions to the world order.

If the presidente accuses Reverend Esteban of bombing the Tropican ministry in War on Terror, he'll say that he doesn't believe in material warfare and that Penultimo can attest that he was giving a sermon when the bombing happened. The false accusation naturally upsets the religious Tropicans.


  • In the radio broadcast after constructing a rum distillery, Sunny Flowers calls him "Father Jiménez". This was likely a beta name for the character.
  • While his character portrait refers to him as Reverend Esteban, he is usually referred to as Father Esteban - the latter being more typical for a Catholic priest.
  1. 1.0 1.1 His death is cited by Penultimo when the Presidente active the Prohibition Edict in Tropico 5
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