Respect is a happiness factor in Tropico 3 and Tropico 4. It measures how greatly the island's citizens love their government, especially how much they revere their presidente. A citizen's respect is determined by how greatly the citizen's supported [[faction (Tropico 3 and 4)

faction]]s respect the presidente and the citizen's own personal opinion of the presidente's actions. A citizen's personal respect can be altered in many ways, including using a Movie Theater(Tropico [[Movie Theater (Tropico 3)

3]] or [[Movie Theater (Tropico 4)

4]]) to watch a movie about the presidente's "humble life", visiting El Presidente's Childhood Museum(Tropico [[Childhood Museum (Tropico 3)

3]] or [[Childhood Museum (Tropico 4)

4]]), being exposed to propaganda on TV(Tropico [[TV Station (Tropico 3)

3]] or [[TV Station (Tropico 4)

4]]) or Radio Station(Tropico [[Radio Station (Tropico 3)

3]] or [[Radio Station (Tropico 4)

4]]), being reeducated in a prison or dungeon, and enacting various edicts.

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