The Religious are one of the political factions in Tropico 6. The Catholic Church has had time to establish itself in Tropico since colonial times, so it's no surprise that when the World Wars arrive they have managed to develop themselves into a proper faction with their own agenda.

Because Christianity is so ingrained in Tropican society they managed to remain relevant up to Modern Times. They promote peace, welfare, and tradition.

Likes and Dislikes

  • Likes: Buildings that supply basic needs like faith, food, health, and shelter to the people. They also loves governmental tools that fosters peace and support the poor, while also honoring religious values and traditions.
  • Dislikes: Leisure activities that involves extravagant lifestyles and excessive alcohol. They also despises governmental tools that cause or favor crime, war, or progressive thinking.

Ministers and Membership

The Religious faction will put forward candidates for the Education and Interior departments in the Ministry - a Religious Minister of Education causes students in education buildings to shift their political views to the Religious faction, while reducing their effectiveness by 10%; a Religious Minister of the Interior results in rebels and criminals having a 10% chance to lose their role after they visit religious buildings.

Newspapers on "The Word" work mode, Radio Stations on "The Voice" work mode, TV Stations on the "Pray TV" work mode and Movie Theaters on the "In Nomini Angeli" work mode each have a 25% chance to convert citizens in affected buildings to the Religious faction. High Schools on the "Parochial Education" work mode have a 50% chance.

Constitutional Stances


  • Religion and State: Theocracy
  • Labor Policy: Happy Childhood
  • Armed Forces: Pacifist State
  • Healthcare: Single-Payer System
  • Personal Rights: Security Surveillance
  • Edicts: Contraception Ban, Good Old Days


  • Marriage Rights: Open Marriage
  • Religion and State: Atheist State
  • Healthcare: Paid Healthcare
  • Personal Rights: Privacy Rights
  • Edicts: Policy of Detente, Legalized Substance, Bells to Bullets, Church Fee (the only reason they are "willing" to put up with it is Matthew 22:21 - give to El Presidente what belongs to El Presidente and to God what belongs to God)

Preferred Buildings

  • Residential: Houses, Bunkhouses, and Conventillos
  • Religious buildings (from the small Chapel to the grand Cathedral)
  • Circus
  • Grocery
  • Clinic
  • Customs Office
  • Asylum
  • Hang Gliding
  • Airport
  • Childhood Museum (Religious Fostering work mode)
  • Mausoleum (The Custodian of Harmony work mode)


Anathema: Citizens lose personal experience/approval when visiting religious/ecclesial buildings. Citizens oriented towards religious faction might set buildings on fire after visiting them. This effect lasts for a year.

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