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Lord Oaksworth usually sides with the Religious faction.

The Religious are an internal faction in Tropico 5, becoming relevant during the World Wars. They support religious tradition and social conservatism.

The Religious faction is numerous and influential. Their supporters desire churches and cathedrals and will oppose shady or corrupt acts.


  • Buildings: Cathedrals, Catholic Missions, and Churches.
  • Constitutional Stances
    • Voting Rights: Wealthy Citizens Vote or Male Citizens Vote (10)
    • Religion and State: Theocracy (20)
    • Armed Forces: N/A
    • Political Rights: Police State (10)
    • Labor Policy: Happy Childhood (10)
    • Citizenship: N/A
    • Personal Rights: Security Surveillance
    • Economy Structure: N/A
    • Media Independence: Subsidized Media (10)
    • Digital Rights: Total Firewall or Fight Piracy
    • Globalization: N/A
    • Ecology: N/A
  • Edicts: Contraception Ban, Prohibition
  • Misc: Bribed faction leader, Built Cathedrals to invite the Pope (Lord Oaksworth offer), Brought the Pope to Tropico (Lord Oaksworth offer)


  • Buildings: Cabarets, Casinos, Night Clubs, Science Labs, and the Space Program
  • Constitutional Stances
    • Voting Rights: All Citizens Vote (-10)
    • Religion and State: Atheist State (-20) or Secular State (-10)
    • Armed Forces: Militia (-10)
    • Political Rights: Totalitarian State or Democracy (-10)
    • Labor Policy: Work For All (-10)
    • Citizenship: Visa Program or Immigrants Nation (-10)
    • Personal Rights: Total State Control or Open Society (-10)
    • Economy Structure: Plutocracy
    • Media Independence: Independent Media (-10)
    • Digital Rights: Free Internet
    • Globalization: N/A
    • Ecology: N/A
  • Edicts: Mardi Gras, Free Wi-Fi, Stem-Cell Research, Legalized Substances, Same-Sex Marriages
  • Misc: N/A
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