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For the faction in Tropico 5, see Religious (Tropico 5).

Reverend Esteban, the Religious representative.

The Religious are an internal faction in Tropico 3 and Tropico 4.

Keeping Tropicans faithful is the main goal of the Religious faction. Having an adequate number of churches for Tropico's citizens is their main concern, but they also wish to lower the number of vices (mostly drinking) available to the island too.


  • People who live near the Newspaper(Tropico 3 or 4) where the Word of God is published will slowly be persuaded to support the Religious faction.
  • People who attend movie theaters(Tropico 3 or 4) where religious movies are screened have a chance of becoming Religious.
  • People living near diamond cathedrals which broadcast televangelism will sometimes become Religious.
  • Though unconfirmed, it's possible that people who visit any Church(Tropico 3 and 4) or Cathedral(Tropico 3 and 4) to satisfy their need for faith will become Religious.
  • Building the Christ the Savior(Tropico 3 and 4) statue will instantly inspire several citizens to become Religious.
  • If the nuclear shelter is set to save Tropican's spiritual leaders in the event of a disaster, more people will be persuaded to become Religious.




Anathema - Angered at the lack of faith and morality, the island's religious officials begin denouncing Tropico's leadership in sermons. While the presidente is declared anathema, all visitors to churches or cathedrals will lose respect. This disaster can have no effect if a player simply does not build any churches, making the Religious Faction not too important to pay attention to with the cost of lower Religious happiness.


  • Ultimately, the religious faction cares about access to religion and the intellectuals care about education and democracy. Because these two goals don't conflict, citizens can support both factions at the same time despite the rivalry between them.
  • Despite opposing the Same-Sex Marriages edict, religious citizens can still marry people of the same gender when the edict is active.
  • Even though religious citizens are against the production and drinking of alcohol, they will still visit Night Clubs(Tropico 3 and 4) and Pubs(Tropico 3 and 4) and will work in Rum Distilleries. They will, however, avoid going to sports complexes which serve alcohol.
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