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Rebels are citizens that have heavy disapproval with the Regime, and so train in secret to eventually erupt into a rebellion. Their final objective is the destruction of the Palace and the destitution of the ruling Dynasty.

They usually come out from residential areas, like apartment complexes, houses and slums, then they target either production buildings, industries or military buildings before making a beeline to the Palace. They first make sure to destroy all military forces so they can have safe access to the center of the Tropican Regime.

The first rebellion always consists of a lone squad, but later they can form from two up to six squads.

Physical Appearance

Rebels dress in the following attire:

  • Jungle pattern camouflage pants
  • Brown heavy army boots
  • Either a red or white tank top
  • Red beret.

Their equipped also consist of:

  • A M16A2 assault rifle
  • Two ammunition belts along their torsos
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