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Qualities are aspects of the Pirate King's history, abilities, and life. All qualities give advantages, though some of them come with downsides as well. Each Pirate King has two qualities.



You might think your charisma is wasted playing computer games. But no. You can pass this extraordinary personal appeal on to your captains and their crew, displayed in their boosted leadership. Carry on!

Courageous Leader

Your courage serves as a shining example to your pirates. All pirates who start the game on your island are braver than the average buccaneer.

Battle Craftiness

Tactics have always come naturally to you. You've had a chance to educate your captains in some of the finer points of sea combat. This grants them the ability to move their ships faster when pursuing or fleeing from an enemy vessel.

  • Ships have a 10% speed bonus during cruises. This makes them more likely to catch up with fleeing enemies or escape pursuers.


Your diplomatic skills and even-keeled personality serve you well in all sorts of negotiations with the European powers. Better yet, the pirates who call your island home sense this and feel suitably well-defended.

  • Defense +19%
  • England Relations +20
  • France Relations +20
  • Spain Relations +20

Expert Duelist

You've shot so many "gentlemen" with your matches set of perfectly balanced, pearl-handled pistols that you've lost count. You can send a pistol ball through the eye of a needle at 30 paces, and that's blind drunk. Due to the constant ridicule which you rain upon anyone who exhibits a lack of marksmanship, the pirates under you have taken it upon themselves to follow suit and improve their own aim.

  • Pirate Marksmanship +2


Enjoy life while you can! That's the best way to live! You like to throw Festival-sized parties, and pirates on your island enjoy a boost to the feeling of anarchy. (Cannot be paired with Iron-handed.)


Insert description.

  • +1 to captive skills. This is an excellent pick as better captive skills means more production and more satisfaction to both pirates and captives and a more sustainable economy.
  • Incompatible with:


Insert description.

  • Incompatible with:


Insert description.

  • +33% order/-33% anarchy on the island. Good for captive resignation but bad for pirate happiness.
  • Incompatible with: Fun-Loving

Lucky with Cards

Insert description.

  • The Gambling Den and Casino require half as many resources to build and have no maintenance costs.
  • Incompatible with: Experienced Gambler

Expert Navigator

Insert description.

  • Incompatible with:

Dreadful Notoriety

Insert description.

  • 10% bonus to money gained from enemy ships that surrendered during a cruise
  • Incompatible with:


Insert description.

  • Incompatible with: Voodoo Adept

Expert Seafarer

Insert description.

  • Incompatible with:


Insert description.

  • +40 to relations with any nation not of your nationality. Ex. +40 Relations with Spain and France if you are English.
  • Incompatible with:

Voodoo Adept

Insert description.

  • Incompatible with:

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