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Pirates are a type of military squad in Tropico 5. They are referred to as Corsair Pirates and are only present during the Colonial Era. Pirates can invade the island with troops varying from one to three squads of eight men each.

Pirates usually attack when the colony is making a hefty profit through trade, but they can also appear if the Governor decides to insult the Pirate King.

If the pirates successfully destroy the targeted building, they will plunder half of the money in the Treasury.

Pirate attacks are very tricky to overcome especially when you don't have adequate military to fight them. A trick to prevent pirates steal your money is to spend all of them by construct buildings and cancel their construction once the pirates leave the island

Physical appearance

Pirates are dressed in light blue and white-striped sailor shirts, black pants with a holding strap, brown colonial boots, red bandana and a red sash on their hips. They also carry a musket for combat.


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