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Were you looking for El Presidente from Tropico 1, 3, 4, and 5?

The Pirate King is the autocratic ruler of the pirate island in Tropico 2, and as such is in charge of having roads and buildings built, edicts issued, and pirate cruise orders issued. A successful pirate or captive rebellion will oust/kill the Pirate King and end the game in failure.

According to several missions in later games, El Presidente is a descendant of the Pirate King.


Except in scenarios which pre-select a Pirate King, players are able to choose a Pirate King persona from a list of pirate captains at the start of the game. The captains are the same as those which can be recruited in play, except that each has a background (the thing they were notable for becoming the Pirate King), two qualities, and a flaw. Players still have the ability to customize these options during creation while retaining the captain's name and picture. All of these options change different aspects of the game, from relations with the three Nations to the efficiency of different buildings.

List of Pirate Kings

Pirate Kings
Name Gender Nationality Background Qualities Flaw
Anne Bonny Female English Always a Pirate Charismatic, Fun-Loving Illiterate
Black Bart1 Male English Once a Captain Charismatic, Iron-Handed Greedy
Blackbeard2 Male English Shipwright Courageous Leader, Dreadful Notoriety Suicidal Bravery
Bloody Mary Female English Experienced Gambler Diplomacy, Religious Alcoholic
Calico Jack Male English Sugar Planter Battle Craftiness, Fun-Loving Cowardly
Cap'n Hook Male Spanish Decayed Gentleman Inquisitor, Religious Fanatic Catholic
Charlotte de Berry Female Spanish Once a Mutineer Expert Navigator, Industrious Fanatic Protestant
Francis L'Onnonais Male French Master Gunner Inquisitor, Trilingual Tortured by England
Henry Morgan Male English Decayed Gentleman Dreadful Notoriety, Iron-Handed Greedy
Laurens de Graff Male French Always a Pirate Battle Craftiness, Expert Duelist Tortured by Spain
Long John Silver Male Spanish Always a Pirate Expert Duelist, Fun-Loving Lazy
Mary Read Female English Once a Mutineer Courageous Leader, Expert Duelist Suicidal Bravery
Nickolaas Van Hoorn Male Spanish Master Gunner Dreadful Notoriety, Lucky with Cards Suicidal Bravery
Rock Brazilliano Male Spanish Tobacco Planter Fun-loving, Inquisitor Alcoholic
Roseanne Winnefree Female Spanish Procurer Charismatic, Voodoo Adept Tortured by France
William Kidd Male English Once a Captain Dreadful Notoriety, Expert Seafarer Lazy

1 - Listed as 'Bartholomew Roberts' on the Captain Cyclopedia entry.
2 - Listed as 'Edward Teach' on the Captain Cyclopedia entry.

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