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The Palace is a unique building in Tropico 6, serving as the symbol of El Presidente's power in Tropico. Like other games in the series, its destruction means the end of your rule and triggers a Game Over.


Being Tropico's most pretentious edifice, the Palace features a lavishly furnished bedroom for every week of the year, (a tiny cubbyhole for Penultimo) and at least one oversized balcony for lofty speeches and significative waving.


  • More Guards - $2,500: Adds four job positions.


Similar to a Fort on the "Man the Ramparts" work mode, the Palace does not provide squads during military attacks. Instead, the Palace Guard amasses on the roof and fires down on any enemy squads in range - this prevents them from being killed in combat, but they won't defend any other buildings on the island. The Palace Guards' loyalty to El Presidente is absolute, and they will always side with the Government during a military coup.

The Palace Guard is not effected by the "Professional Soldiers" constitution principle, as such guards never require an education - its unknown if they receive the attack bonus or not. With the "Pacifist State" constitution principle the Palace Guard will constitute the entirety of Tropico's standing army (with the exception of police militia squads raised by a Militarist Minister of Defence) - as the principle effectively disables most military attacks, they should be sufficient.


For the first time in the series, Tropico 6 allows players to customize the Palace with different layouts, colours, styles and decorations.


  • Discovers roles of passers-by
  • Reduces liberty in the vicinity.
  • Reduces crime safety in the vicinity (only with 'Corrupt' trait)


  • Its appearance is based on the Museum of the Revolution in Havana, Cuba - which served as the island's presidential palace before Fidel Castro's Communist revolution.