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Oyster Farms are raw resource production buildings, available in Waterborne DLC pack. They produce Pearls, which are exported for profit.


Traditionally, oysters are considere an aphrodisiac. This may or may not be true, but scientists are certain that the pearls they produce excibit such effects, especially when presented as a gift. This is why they remain one of our most popular exports.


  • Fruti De Mare - $5000: Supplies local restaurants with Tropican Oysters to cut down on food expenses and improve the appeal of Tropican cuisine. The Effectiveness of Restaurants, Glass Bottom Restaurants, and Taverns is increased by 10 (max 30).
  • Supply Local Market - $5000: Pearls from the oysters are extracted for local jewelry products. The Effectiveness of Jewelry Workshops on the island is increased by 10 based on effectiveness (max 30).


  • Produces 130 Pearls per month from storage of capacity 1300 units.
  • Monthly Profit = (Pearls Cost * Amount)/1000 = (2000 * 130)/1000 = $260


  • Standing Component - environmentalists +5.
  • Pollution - 10 over 19 tiles.


Oyster Farms do still need teamsters. The teamster will drive to the dock, board a boat, and gather the supplies from the Oyster Farm.

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