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Order is an environmental aura in Tropico 2 which forms part of the resignation values for captives on the island. Order is the opposite of Anarchy, so any area high in one value will be low in the other. This can be problematic since pirates need Anarchy, which creates zoning issues.

Where possible, buildings and decor which emanate Order should be placed away from pirate-only areas such as pirate housing districts. Pirates working as Overseers or Guards in high-Order areas should have Defense-emanating buildings and decor placed nearby to help mitigate their lack of Anarchy.

Order can also be raised island-wide by choosing the Decayed Gentleman Background, Once a Captain Background, or Iron-handed Quality for your Pirate King, while the Once a Mutineer Background and Fun-Loving Quality will lower it.

List of Order sources

Building Order Size Notes
Apothecary (47:4) 3x3 Unique
Hat Shop (59:4) 3x3 Unique
Hotel (31:2) 6x6
Orderly Shrubs (12:2) 1x1 Unique
Pirate Palace (Level 1) (69:3) 9x6 Unique
Pirate Palace (Level 2) (73:3) 9x6 Unique
Pirate Palace (Level 3) (76:3) 9x6 Unique
Pirate Palace (Level 4) (80:3) 9x6 Unique
Stockade (59:2) 5x5
Very Orderly Decor (24:3) 1x1

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