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For buildings of the same name in other Tropico games, see Newspaper.

Newspapers are media buildings in Tropico 3 and Tropico 4. They're the only media building that doesn't require electricity and are usually the first kind of media available on the island. Depending on how skilled the journalists employed at a newspaper are, the level of liberty around the building will increase. In addition, depending on the kind of newspaper being published, newspapers can either generate money from people living near them or persuade their readers to supporting certain factions. There can only be 4 newspapers present on the island.

Environmentalist Relations

In Tropico 3, the environmentalists don't like newspapers on the island and building them will lower relations. Environmentalists in Tropico 4 also don't like newspapers, but having them won't lower relations. Instead, Sunny Flowers will occasionally give you the optional task of destroying the island's newspapers for a boost in environmentalist relations and a drop in relations with the intellectuals.

Work Modes

Each work mode changes the sign posted outside the newspaper to match the newspaper's name. Note that there can only be 1 newspaper set to each work mode present on the island.

  • Voice of the Worker: El voz del Obrero, a people-focused newspaper that increases relations with the communists and persuades others to support the faction.
  • Financial Times: Tiempos Financieros, an economy-focused newspaper that increases relations with the capitalists and persuades others to support the faction.
  • Soldier of Fortune: Soldado de Fortuna, a military-focused newspaper that increases relations with the militarists and persuades others to support the faction.
  • The Word of God: La letra de Dios, a religion-focused newspaper that increases relations with the religious and persuades others to support the faction.
  • National Pride: Brino Nacional, a Tropico-focused newspaper that increases relations with the nationalists and persuades others to support the faction.
  • Coupons N'More: Vales y otros, a coupon-packed newspaper that encourages spending and thus generates money for the treasury.
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